At the age of 27 I had the world by storm I had the job I wanted doing wild life illustration for retail stores and for groups like The national Wildlife federation. Though My dad was diagnosed with cancer but at the same time  my wife was pregnant with our first child. Life was good. I needed surgery probably just a rotator cuff nothing more. That was the last day that I can remember feeling like I could conquer the world. The next day I awoke from my surgery and my wife was crying in the chair next to me  she was in the process of miscarrying and the Dr had come in to warn my wife that it was the worse case of Rhuemitoid arthritis he had ever seen and that it was time to get him on some major meds. ad  that having our own kids may be a pipe dream. Then came 15 years of gold shots every week and then  15 years of chemo. At 47 it entered my spine causing a couple surgeries . I got the nerves n my back burned twice a year  for 10 years and never made it to working to 50 a goal I set for myself. So too during this time I was introduced to bio drugs that did not work and Morphine that did work (at least then) . Now at 57 after years 10 years of nerve burnings and drugs that started to destroy my liver I was told that the new science says that they over prescribed opioids and that they can actually be the cause rather than the relief of pain. And after years of being told do not worry you can not get addicted and there is no reason too suffer in pain I am being told to wean off the morphine go thru the withdrawl’s use CBD oil as an alternative and once your off in 6 months to a year your body should take care of the pain. So that is where my wife and I find each other . Both disabled on fixed incomes from being an illustrator and my wife(a teacher) who was forced to retire early when as a teacher she could longer stand long enough to teach without the pain gettin overwhelming . We both hope and pray we do not become statistics in the medical world in the U.S.. Wondering if the CBD will work and wondering can we even afford it if it does work. I will Keep you posted . At first I got some relief but with one more week before I am Opiod free I find I have not slept but 4 hours. in the last 5 days another side effects of opium withdrawals. I have hope in CBD oil .But then its the only hope I have left. So time will tell and I will try to add to my tale. Either things will change so either we can write it off our healthcare costs like I can deduct toothbpaste and eye wash or I find like so many people that its just another prescription that remans unfilled . Time will tell.

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