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By August 3, 2018CBD
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The cannabis plant has been known all over the world mainly as a psychoactive substance, it has gained a bad rap and has been seen as an evil plant as it is often associated with even higher and harder drugs like heroin, cocaine, and LSD. But it hasn’t always been this way for cannabis, this unique plant has been used by our early ancestors not as a psychoactive, recreational drug but as a medicine to cure ancient maladies.

The earliest civilizations used cannabis as a natural remedy for gout and managing childbirth pain, an early version of our modern-day synthetic anesthesia. It was also used to alleviate discomfort from toothaches and to treat common inflammations from food or exercise similar to how and why we use today’s painkillers.

Cannabis has had many therapeutic applications back then and our early scholars and physicians have seen the benefits of using it as a medicine, that’s why it’s no surprise that today’s scientists, researchers, and medical practitioners have begun exploring the medical and curative advantages of cannabis.

Cannabis Today

There’s still a lot of debate going on about whether or not cannabis can or should be considered a medicine despite its bad reputation.

While the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still do not recognize cannabis as a medicine. They (FDA) approved two medicines that carry some of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Today, 30 American states have accepted and legalized the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical use. Although there’s still a lot to be done to prove cannabis’ value as a panacea, this progress is enough for many patients to consider a natural means of healing through medical marijuana.

CBD Concentrates

CBD or cannabidiol is the healing constituent of cannabis. It’s oftentimes extracted from the actual plant matter and is made into concentrate form which allows people who need to consume cannabis for medication to take fewer amounts and portions but still get higher doses of CBD. Compared to other cannabis by-products, concentrates are the most potent which means that a small dab can go a long way.

The most common and most effective means of CBD concentrate consumption is through inhalation, vaping devices like the Puffco Plus Dab Pen are good tools for CBD implementation. By inhaling the vapors from the Puffco Plus vape, CBD is absorbed directly by your lungs and are shot straight into your bloodstreams. Vaping with the Puffco Plus makes CBD medication easy and efficient allowing a patient to experience relief from pain in minutes.

The Puffco Plus as a Daily Driver

The Puffco Plus is optimized for daily use, so whether you’re a medicating patient or a casual concentrate consumer this wax pen vaporizer will prove to be a perfect fit. It’s made with practicality and functionality in mind, its design and engineering focus on performance. All these aspects are evidently displayed on this wax pen vaporizer’s unique and distinct appearance.

Sitting atop the vaporizer is Puffco’s dart mouthpiece, a specially designed mouthpiece that integrates your dab tool providing concentrate consumers with easy and effortless reloading. The dart mouthpiece features a ceramic carb cap and loading tool which can easily be used to pick concentrates, especially those that have rubbery consistencies. If you’re a patient needing to take your medication right away, you need not look for a dab tool to load your vaporizer, because you simply can’t pick CBD concentrates up with your fingers (and risk CBD concentrate contamination), you can easily utilize the dart mouthpiece to your advantage.

The Puffco Plus also boasts cutting-edge heating elements. Right above the battery, sits the coil-less ceramic bowl. Made from high-grade ceramic materials, this unique heating element effectively enhances your vaping experience as well as the flavor and especially the potency of your select CBD concentrates. The ceramic bowl is pressure-sealed allowing the Puffco Plus to evenly heat your CBD concentrates. This is vital especially when you’re medicating. CBD concentrates that are burned and are heated to the point of combustion produces a toxic by-product – benzene. Benzene is known to cause cancer, so burned and torched CBD concentrates are in the actual fact counterproductive for medicating patients. Puffco Plus’s coil-less ceramic bowl ensures the perfect environment for your CBD concentrates giving you the purest vapors for your medical needs.

To top it all off, the Puffco Plus vape pen battery is outfitted with three fine-tuned temperature profiles. These temperature settings are designed to cater to most CBD concentrates and are perfectly adjusted to ensure proper heating. This opens up a wide choice for medicating patients to take their CBD medication to another level. They can enjoy visible clouds of vapor when they’re vaping at home or they can enjoy the benefits of their CBD-based medication outside with thin wisps of mists.

The Puffco Plus vaporizer is perfect for everyday use, all these premium features are housed and are protected in a precision machined alloy housing that features fingerprint resistant coating. The Puffco Plus vaporizer is the perfect companion for the daily medicating CBD concentrate consumer.

Medicating with The Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus is an easy way of medicating with your CBD prescriptions, it functions like a regular vape pen yet it performs like dab rig. Here are some of the few and easy steps of taking your CBD medication with the Puffco Plus.

  1. Click the power button 5 times to turn the vaporizer on.
  2. Hit the power button 4 times to select your preferred temperature profile.
  3. Load approximately .2g or .3g of CBD concentrate of thick consistency onto the ceramic coil-less chamber.
  4. Vape until the chamber is empty.

Avoid using extremely runny and sappy liquid CBD extracts and make sure to look for Puffco Vaporizers For Sale from reputable online sellers to avoid counterfeits.

In Conclusion

Many CBD concentrate consumers prefer to use the Puffco Plus. It’s an efficient and effective tool for CBD medication and will allow recreational and medical CBD consumers to enjoy the natural benefits of medical marijuana.

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