The Benefits of CBD Lotion for Pain

By September 16, 2018CBD
Benefits of CBD Lotion for Pain

CBD lotion for pain may be just the thing for those people working out too hard at the gym. Even everyday aches and pains may find relief from an all-natural hemp-derived extract. While many people these days are familiar with the power of CBD oil, the potential of CBD lotion for pain is fast making its way onto everyone’s radar.

As a topical, CBD lotion, with natural herbal ingredients is a product that does some fantastic things. And while it’s not a “miracle cure,” it does live up to its promise.

How does it work? According to the folks at Diamond CBD, one of the top CBD oil companies in the U.S., CBD-infused lotions are designed to penetrate deep into the skin to help soothe painful muscles and joints.

That’s because CBD oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Lots of people already use it as a way to help when suffering from pain, as well as for many other reasons. It’s a great alternative to both prescription and over-the-counter painkillers. According to Diamond CBD, CBD lotions and topicals are some of the best-selling products on the market today. But what are the actual benefits of CBD lotion for pain?


CBD Lotion and The Sports World

Believe it or not, athletes are turning to CBD lotion as a way to help with the aches and pains of playing professional and amateur sports. In fact, athletes love it so much that some have even gone out and sponsored their own brands, like NFL Hall of Famer and Pro-Bowler Lawrence Taylor who created Diamond CBD’s LT Pain Master CBD Cream (He also helped develop Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Oil as well) It’s a testament to the power of CBD oil.

These days, with so many athletes affected by the opioid epidemic, alternative forms of pain relief have become a top priority in the sports world. Unfortunately, however, some athletic associations still fear anything that comes from cannabis or hemp — even though CBD lotion and CBD oil contain less than 0.3 percent THC (nowhere near enough to cause a buzz, let alone a high). Many athletes are still fighting for the right to use CBD lotion as part of their aftercare in the sports world.

But those organizations that are starting to see the light realize that athletes in any sport need an alternative, CBD oil has no psychotropic properties, unlike marijuana, which makes it the perfect choice. According to Diamond CBD, CBD lotion is one of the best ways to relax and heal muscles after a game.


CBD Lotion for Pain: The Myths Persist

Call it “Reefer Madness,”  but the myths about CBD still persist which is why so many athletes have dedicated themselves to proving wrong the opponents of CBD oil. According to the good folks at Diamond CBD, one thing for sure is that CBD lotion and CBD oil from hemp is legal across the US. Despite some law enforcement agencies and politicians that argue otherwise, the truth is CBD oil does not come from marijuana, and it’s not a psychotropic drug.

In fact, according to the 2014 Farm Bill, if the CBD is derived from hemp which is legally grown, then it’s perfectly legal. Which is what makes CBD lotion such a great, all-natural remedy for athletes of any sport.


So, CBD Lotion is Different Than Marijuana?

CBD is NOT marijuana! Marijuana contains the cannabinoid THC in high enough amounts to cause a psychotropic high. CBD is a separate cannabinoid from THC, and hemp, the plant from which most CBD oil consumers find online is derived, contains less than 0.3 percent THC. So, trust Diamond CBD when they say that it’s okay to purchase and use CBD lotion for pain. It won’t cause a high, and it’s perfectly legal to buy.

It’s Even Great For Skin

CBD hemp oil provides the vitamins and minerals needed to keep skin healthy. It includes:

  • Calcium
  • potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper

Along with possibly helping with pain, CBD oil helps to keep skin healthy as well, making it one of nature’s wonders. Unlike many oils which tend to sit on top of the skin, CBD hemp oil soaks into the skin, allowing it to soak up all the good stuff.


The List Of Sports Organizations Approving of CBD Lotion (And Oil) Is Growing

Just take a look at who is embracing the use of CBD for pain these days:

  • World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA): In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substances list. They were the first to recognize the extract was different than marijuana. It was a historic move that prompted a growing debate in the larger sports world.
  • National College Athletic Association (NCAA): While the NCAA has yet to fully embrace the use of CBD, due to its still stringent policy on cannabis use, they are showing signs of opening up to the extract. Back in 2017, the NCAA voted to adopt WADA’s list of banned substances, and that list does not include CBD. That vote has yet to move forward, but it is a step in the right direction

And while the following leagues are not fully embracing CBD lotion for pain, or CBD oil, many of the players in these leagues have come in strong support of the hemp-derived extract:

  • National Football League (NFL): Ebenezer Ekuban, a former defensive end has come out in strong support of CBD
  • National Basketball Association (NBA): Former NBA star Al Harrington has been a strong advocate as has former NBA champion, Matt Barnes
  • National Hockey League (NHL): Former Philadelphia Flyer Riley Cote is a solid supporter of hemp and CBD

CBD lotion for pain has the support of a growing number of professional athletes, as well as untold numbers of amateur athletes as well.  The movement is forcing pro sports organizations to reevaluate their policies on the use of CBD. Leagues are starting to realize that CBD and marijuana are not the same drugs and that CBD is hugely beneficial, especially in light of the current opioid epidemic.


CBD Lotion for Everyone’s Pain

CBD lotion is for more than just athletes, however. Everyday people who go to the gym or workout at home find it to be among their favorite natural healers. Even today’s busiest people demand the highest quality natural ingredients, and they have found that CBD lotion, mainly when used for pain, offers them the all-natural relief they usually can’t find with painkillers or over-the-counter drugs.

In today’s market consumers want more than just a quick fix. That’s why CBD lotion for pain, or even CBD oil, is becoming the go-to source for high-quality potential pain relief.

Diamond CBD offers products like their Biotech Pain Cream or their LT Painmaster, both of which provide a unique way for everyone, not just professional athletes, to soothe aching muscles and hurting joints. CBD lotion for pain is the new, revolutionary way to help heal after a rough day of pushing one’s body to its limits.


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