Proper Cannabis Dose Options in Various Forms

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Cannabis Dose Options

It is a known fact that cannabis can be used in different forms. What most people do not know, is that the dosage will always vary. You cannot expect the dosage while in the herb form will be the same as when it is in the oil form. You can think of cannabis as medicine. This therefore means that you need to consider using the right dosage. Let us get to learn more about the dose options for the different forms. If you are taking CBD on a daily basis we recommend you to Buy CBD oils from

Dry herb

If you are going to be smoking the dry herb, then you get around 0.5 grams. This is the common amount of cannabis that would be in the pre-rolled joints. Well, if you are trying out some new marijuana strains, then consider dosing 0.25 grams. This is to help you test the new strain first before increasing the dosage.

People love smoking of dry herbs as they offer near-immediate feeling. You can get some strains being quite potent that you get high in just a short time. As for the novice users, you might want to take it slow at first before going hard on the marijuana herb.

Cannabis edibles

Those who do not like smoking, then the cannabis edibles will be a nice option. In most cases, a single dose of the edibles will have 10mg of CBD or THC. It is also common to get the medical marijuana products having up to 100mg or even more THC. This is to help the patients with severe medical conditions have a good time easing the pain.

It is always important that you give your body enough time to metabolize the active compounds. Edibles can even take up to two hours. So, be patients to let the effects kick in slowly.

CBD oil extract

Another top option for using cannabis will be though consuming CBD oil. As for CBD oil, the typical dosage is 10mg. The dose can further vary depending on your personal needs. It is possible that some other health conditions might need a higher dosage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the CBD oil products will definitely vary widely. It is possible to get some having higher concentrations and different purity. You therefore have to check out the different options you get as CBD oil before using. Make sure to stick to the recommended dosages as given by the manufacturer also.


The topicals are also a nice option for the users to use. Well, as for the typical dose, it is going to vary a lot depending on the product and applications. This includes the use of creams, sprays, and even the ointments. These topicals will be great for the best pain relief and also inflammation. The good thing about topicals is that you can apply directly to the skin.

Since topicals are non-psychoactive, there is no risk of overdoing it. Nevertheless, there is always the recommended use. Make sure to follow the recommended directions for the proper use of the topicals also.


Using a patch is also a nice option when looking to enjoy using cannabis. As for the dose, you will find that patches deliver 10 to 20mg per patch. This should not be bad at all as you get to experience the benefits of cannabis without necessarily smoking. You will find that the effects will kick in within an hour. It is recommended that you give it enough time as it is not instant as vaping or smoking.

It is also good when you start with lower strength patches before increasing the concentration with time.

Dabbing and vaping

Dabbing and vaping are quite popular methods right now. You will need a rig to help with both dabbing and vaping. The good thing about these two methods is that you will be able to feel the effects faster than normal. You also find that the dose will be 25mg per dab. CBD Vape Cartridge Grand Daddy Purp should be great for most people who are looking for the best dabbing options on the market.


Microdosing of cannabis is another good option also. This is where you get to use a typical dosage of 5 to 10mg. The idea is that you get minimal THC doses several times a day. The aim is to minimize the overall effects of THC when cannabis is taken in large amounts at once.

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