Injured worker in mining accident . 9 disks bulged. Homanganoamas on endplate of t8 disk from the blunt force. Legs are numb and burn. Can’t sit or stand for maybe 20 min. Pain for 6 years . Lost my home and family. Lost my mind to prescribed opieds and dizapam and clonazapan and zipiclone and other drugs I can’t spell at all. Lost almost 600 thousand to the banks and workers comp forces me onto their retirement of starvation and no chance of fixing me. Just toss opieds at me all day. I researched weed and now I grow it and I am prescribed 10 grams a day dry. I live in Canada. I have ptsd from all my losses and pain and no help from wcb. Workers comp … I pray for enough money to by some weed to smoke as it’s the only thing that keeps my thoughts of suicide from overcoming my pain and my grief of having my kids moved 1000kms away to be left alone from workers comp torture as they called the kids daily and said I was no good anymore.  Imagine getting that call as a 14yr old in 2012. My story is hurting. Too hurting to even want to remember. My adress is 1 PLACENTIA N.L. AOB 2Y0. I PRAY FOR ANY HELP FROM SEEDS TO LIGHTS TO POTS TO SOME FREE SAMPLES TO TRY FOR SPASMS AND FOR PAIN AND MUSCLE STRESS AND PTSD.. GODBLESS  MEDICAL MARIJUANA AS I FEEL I WOULD HAVE OPTED TO MOVE TO BC AND BECOME A CANIDATE FOR ASSISTED SUICIDE THROUGH DIE WITH DIGNITY!!  May God bless you all for caring ….

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