No more lyrica for me!!

I’ve had a nerve condition, called Plexopathy, for a year and a half now. I was on gabapentin and then lyrica fir over a year. Also took 4 doses of ibuprofen a day to help with my pain.

Started out in bed, couldn’t walk to the kitchen to get my own food, my hubby had to come home to get me my lunch! I did make some progress , slowly getting to physical therapy sessions 3 times a week….friends had to pick me up, cuz I couldn’t drive. Too painful to sit.

Finally I started to walk, maybe just a half a block, then a block….worked my way up to walking farther and farther, up to 3 miles, but still in pain every day. Started cbd oil…750 mg, 5 drops twice a day. …increasing slowly to 15 drops. Weaned off all ibuprofen and lyrica. I’ve been on cbd for 5 months and getting better, so can now do yoga and tennis, gardening, cooking, and cleaning! I have my life back! Still not 100%, but working on it. Also on a nutrition plan of no Added sugars, and no gluten. Sugar is an Inflammatory, so contributes to pain! No more lyrica for me!!

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