I have a lady friend that had Lung cancer , COPD, Fibromialgia, MAI disease, Addison Disease , Degenerative Bone disease and she takes Hormones that is destroying her bones. Glaucomaand more.  She can hardly eat and wasting away to nothing. She does not get much income a month so it is hard for her to buy anything to help her.
I’m wondering about the new signed bill RIGHT TO TRY ? Does that mean she can get cannabis ? Will it only be sold and controlled by big pharmacy ? Would it be available if a person is on Tenn Care in Tennessee with her condition ? Can she get in your program for free CBD OIL? She has tried CBD Oils and it seems they do nothing  is that because THC is removed God she needs help. I don’t know she has got by this long. Lives in Finger Tn.

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