On November 21,2006, I was involved in a head-on-collision that nearly cost me my life. I was on life support for 12 days before I started breathing on my on. I had a 1% chance to live and here I am today telling my story. The doctors told my parents that if I did survive i’d be in a vegetated state. The door jam of my car hit me in the face and literally laid my left side of my face completely open like being hit with an ax in the face. my C1 & C2 vertebrate was fractured in my neck. my L4,L5,L6 vertebrate in my lower back was fractured. my left hip was broken, my left femur bone was broken and stuck 5 inches out the back side of my leg and all the ligaments were torn out of my left knee. Pretty soon the medications stopped working like they should and they would raise the dose. That got old after a while. I was checking my e-mail one day and ran across a free trial CBD oil and got it. After about 3 weeks of trying the CBD product, I had cut my medication dose in half. I am not able to afford the product right now because I am now limited to what I can do physically. I am currently in school in pursuit of a degree in Biblical Studies. The non-psychoactive CBD product, works wonderful for me because it doesn’t change my state of mind and I can still be 1 with God! I saw this and thought I’d share my story. CBD has literally saved my life in my eyes. The only thing pain meds have gotten me is more pain and suffering. I’d recommend CBD oil to everyone! Thank you for letting me share my story and God bless.

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