Marijuana and meditation

Recently, I got to learn more about meditation. Like most people, I considered meditation as something pointless and useless. Why would somebody sit and spend his/her time staring into absolute nothingness?

However, that is in the past, I now know better.

Meditation has come to be a positive thing in my life. Having suffered from a neurological disorder, I had symptoms that were healed by medical marijuana; however, my mind never completely felt at ease.

With meditation, I have discovered a new way to nurse back my body health as well as my mind. Shockingly, I also discovered that meditation and cannabis go together like butter and bread.

You might be wondering; here is the deal.

Some people may disagree with this but I have proved that medical cannabis helps make meditation more effective for me. It helps me compose and calm my body before commencing the long session of meditation.

Because of my condition, my body experiences random spasms. The ability to achieve the right meditation posture with such interruption is next to impossible. More so, I cannot fold my legs well nor can I sit upright. I have opted to meditate while laying down. Unfortunately, even in that position, it doesn’t help that much.

However, whenever I use weed, a great deal of these symptoms are eased up, and I feel like I can position myself well without the risk of seizing or cramping up. As if that is not enough, the relaxing effects of cannabis help my mind to calm down, and I can get into meditation more easily.

If you are into meditation, you will love it. When meditation is combined with marijuana, the whole practice is deeply enriching.

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