How a determined Mom makes CBD oil more efficient for her Daughter’s Anxiety

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Here is a story of a mom who would stop at nothing in an effort to save her little darling from autism-induced anxiety.

As she narrates, she vividly paints a virtual picture of an enthusiastic kid full of life and ambitions. Caroline, the subject, was a drummer in the school band as well as the dance crew, despite the fact that she was suffering from Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS).

After a year full of success and joy for Caroline’s family she started experiencing PANS and moments of regression. And since that fateful day, she knew that things will no longer be the same. Her daughter’s developing social life had come to an unforeseen end.

Barbra explains that they had one of the most torturous summer experiences as Caroline’s condition got worse.  The escalations led to increased research as desperation for a solution rose, the doctors found out that Lyme and Bartonella had worsened the condition.

Their efforts saw a year pass by marked with minimum successes such as Detoxing die-off as well as reduction of androgens. These efforts did not, however, alleviate Caroline’s pain, anxiety and other effects caused by her brains inflammation.

CBD Oil raises hope

Luckily for Caroline recent studies has revealed that Cannabidiol (CBD) has numerous medicinal purposes which include reducing anxiety. CBD has been legalized in almost every state in the US and is available in all licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Barbra’s doctors advised her to use one of the popular CBD products at the early stages of PANS. The medicine did not bear any fruit and she did not have enough knowledge of the numerous brands of the drug available, something she wishes she was aware of earlier.

The importance of CBD

CBD should not be confused with medical marijuana, as it contains little or no THC compound. The human body has an integrated endocannabinoid system which is connected to the nervous system and is responsive to CBD.

Who to should use CBD?

CBD is known to treat the following ailments;

  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia

Anyone suffering from any of the above ailments is advised to research on the proper brand of CBD to use. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding CBD products.

When did Caroline start off responding to CBD treatment?

Barbra states that Caroline did not respond to most her CBD treatment until when she used the CBD oil itself. The effect was, however, negative as it calmed her brains activity living her dull and quite.

After consultation with Caroline’s doctor, Barbra learnt about Palmetto Harmony strain of CBD. The strain had much better effects than the strain earlier used. It kept her daughter calm happier and much relieved from the torturous pain.

How to select suitable marijuana brand

Please consider the following ways when selecting the right marijuana brand for treatment;

  1. Growing methods;

Growing methods should be organic in order to ensure that the product is free from residual impurities from the farm. These impurities include herbicides, GMO, heavy metals as well as inorganic fertilizers.

  1. 100 percent purity

Ensure that the product you are buying is free from fillers and additive ingredients. Companies have been known to add these impurities to increase their products volume.

  1. Method of extraction

There are a number of ways through which CBD can be extracted from the plant. Each way has an impact on the potency of the finished product.

There are old school ways such as using butane, ethanol or carbon dioxide but they are inefficient as they leave traces of solvent impurities.

Most companies use solventless extraction methods which are more efficient and guarantee pure and potent end product.

  1. Strains and Terpenes

This is a very important factor to take into consideration when selecting the right brand. Different marijuana plant strainshave different terpene types. Here is a look at what terpenes do to your body;

  1. They have healing properties as they are one of the essential plant oils with a major example being Linalool which is also present in lavender.
  2. Terpenes control the reaction of the body to cannabinoid products by either inhibiting or activating the effects of the compounds on the receptors.
  3. Terpenes are responsible for plant flavours and tastes
  4. CBD isolate is a great recommendation when it comes to selecting the right strain with terpenecompounds.

How to improve the performance of your CBD oil using Terpenes

The key role of terpenes in plants is fighting the unwanted organisms in a plant’s system. A scientisthas been able to apply the effect into human bodies by matching terpenes with the proper symptoms.

Terpenes generally control the effect of CBD to the body as it determines which specific part will be affected. This makes it a driver or controller of CBD.

Let’s have a look at how to make your CBD more efficient using Terpenes

  1. Find out the strain of Terpene in your CBD product

This can be found on the products ingredients list on the package. You can as well contact the manufacturer and find out which terpene compounds are present in your product.

It is unfortunate that there is no published work on which terpene strain does which healing on the body. The amazing thing is that terpenes can be sourced from many other plants that are not marijuana related.

  1. Decide on your terpene additions

After finding out which terpene strain is included in your product, the next step will be to add what is not included. You can one or more strains depending on your preference.

You must review the strain’s profile to ensure that it suits what you are looking for. It is also important to check out on the individual isolates recommendations.

Here are examples of isolate terpenes

  • Alpha-Bisabolol has healing abilities on microbial, inflammatory and toxins infections. It is a great pain reliever as well as a neuroprotector.
  • Caryophyllene (alpha & Beta), just like Alpha it has healing properties on chronic pain, inflammation, infections and GI disorders.
  • Eucalyptol, which is a stimulant isolate. It deals neurological; deficiencies and Alzheimers as well as autism.
  • Humulene, a pain reliever
  • Limonene which has energizing properties
  • Linalool a relaxation agent
  • Pulegone which is a neuro-protector
  • Pinene ( alpha & Beta)
  • Terpineol acts as a sedative
  • Myrcene has relaxation effects
  1. Explore possibilities

After you have picked your desired terpene additive it is advisable to do some extra digging to come up with the best combination. There is a lot of information availableon terpenes and is the best shot for you to optimize your results.

After all the above is done you will be ready to mix up your CBD oil with the terpene of your choice.

How to decide on doses


If you are using a tincture dropper, you must hold the oil on your tongue for up to one minute to optimize its absorption. Remember that 24 drops make one millimetre hence count properly to avoid over or underdosing.


This is the efficient way as it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Vaping uses vaping oil and can be purchased from any legal medical marijuana dispensary.

Topical Application

This is effective on skin conditions but requires special transdermal patches for internal application.

You should start with low doses and slowly increase it with time while monitoring its effects. The action time varies depending on the method of application in use as they take different time for absorption.

Recommended brands for treatment

  1. Palmetto Harmony,

Come in form of CBD oil, vape oil or cream. It is organically grown and extracted through the solventless process.

  1. Flower Child

This is only available in form of the vaporizer. It comes with a prefilled oil chamber which is very easy to operate.

  1. True Terpenes

This is not a marijuana product as it obtains its terpene from other natural plants. This is a great additive to your CBD products.

For Barbara, the future is bright and filled with hope. She expresses her sincere gratitude to the developers of CBD drugs such as the Palmetto Harmony company. The condition of Caroline has greatly improved and her anxiety levels dropped drastically in the recent past.

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