Help my daughter fight!

By June 14, 2018Glioma, Share your story

To whom it may concern,

My daughter is fighting the unimaginable, every parents worse nightmare. She was diagnosed in May 2017 w a glioma. She had surgery, followed by 36 days of radiation and one clinical trial. She was misdiagnosed 11 times. My father passed, and doctors blamed her debilitating headache on “stress/grief”… Well, it is just her and I, and doing this alone is beyond frightening. Shes had liver biopsys, MRI’s and countless blood draws, and despite all of this, she still managed to complete 7th grade with straight A’s…Vision loss, hair loss, fatigue, movement loss and the list does on, she is still fighting and wont give up. Please, help us with “Hope”

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