I am currently  true believer of the benefits of CBD , a friend of mine had been on all kinds of meds from doctors and it was doing him no good , he always had to increase  his dose to get the relief he needed from kemo (colon problems) he tried CBD drops and his whole life changed the same day — it was amazing….  so I introduced CBD drops to another friend of mine  (74 yr old)  that was struck by a car on his motorcycle and severed his leg off at the accident scene . he has been on narcotics for 9 yrs and was always in PAIN from the nerve endings that are on the end of his missing leg .  I purchased CBD cream and CBD drops for him , when Rusty applied the cream and ingested the drops  , he was overjoyed how well the products helped him manage his pain …..  he said that he slept the best he has ever slept in the past 9 yrs.. I also use the cream and oil for my back (ruptured discs & surgeries on my back ) and consistent elbow PAIN from professional armwrestling the past 30 yrs..   the CBD products are great , they work fantasticly on my problems physically and mentally ……..  its just great great stuff…….

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