For years I suffered in silence. Unbearable constant pain was all I knew. Eventually I had to talk to a MD and had numerous Rx medications perscribed for my health problems. The only answers were you are just going to have to learn to live with it. Here is some medication to at least make you a bit more comfortable. For 13 years I took my perscribed opiates, benzodiazapines, and numerous other body altering medications. At one point I was on over 30 daily perscriptions. My immune system was totally shot from years of antibiotics and steroids. Something had to change there had to be another option. I felt my body dieing I had to change the outcome of my existance. I researched the crap out of cbd and hemp. I researched for over 2 years. At the time I made the decision to start hemp and cbd oil I was in the middle of a horrible health crisis. I was on the third round of antibiotics for a infection that just would not go away it kept moving locations. I had bacterial poisoning. I was on 16 perscribed medications. I decided to slowly try adding a shot of just hemp oil 2 times a day. Immediately I noticed a difference after day 1.  My breathing became slightly less labored, I had more range of motion with a tad less pain. So then I said to myself you just found your other way. This is what you need to heal! So after yet another doctor randomly dropping me as a patient; I was somewhat forced by circumstance to wean off my medications.

I know it is not advised and I would not ever recommend this to anyone. I had 3 months left of refills so I made a plan to slowly wean off of the medications in 6 months. They would last longer as I was not taking as much per day. It was gruelinghell to do what I did. Every day I followed my schedule and took my shots of hemp oil. On week 2 I slowly started taking Cbd oil with the hemp oil. I increased by 1 drop every 3 days until I had the daily recommended dosage. Then stuck with that dose. I did this for 3 months by month 3 I was down to only 12 medications daily. I decided to start adding some coconut oil MCT to my daily schedule. So at this point I was taking either hemp oil or cbd oil with MCT every 4 hours. All day every day. When I got up in the middle of the night to use my breathing treatment I took it. Faithfully every 4 hours for 6 months I followed my plan. It was a crazy journey. There were times when I just wanted to give up, when I wondered if my body could handle anymore torture. I did not give up I have been opiate free for 2 years now. My body has started to heal and change. My life is not spent in agony anymore. Yes things do still get uncomfortable, sometimes the pain gets out of hand. I have chosen to find other methods to handle the pain that are actually more effective. Cbd literally saved my life and gave me my body back. I still faithfully use cbd I would love to say daily. Unfortunately due to finances cbd is a necessity that has become too expensive. I purchase cbd products as much as I can comfortaly afford. I do take 3000 mg of hemp oil daily. This is a minimal cost as a bottle is less than $10. In my opinion everyone should try cbd and see if they feel a difference. The same is true of hemp oil. Both have tremendous health benefits. My name is Laura and this is part of my healing story…..

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