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By September 23, 2019CBD

Here’s the thing about vaping: It’s not really bad for you. In fact, it’s probably the safest, healthiest way to inhale CBD.

But it can be unhealthy, depending on additives, production and use. The danger is primarily in the additives propylene glycol and vegetable glycol, or PG and VG.

Dangerous Additives

PG and VG actually tend to be perfectly safe when used normally: as an additive in makeup and food. PG is approved by the FDA, but the problem is that, when used in a vape, it is subjected to the high heat of the vape’s coils. When subjected to intense heat, PG generates a number of toxins: carcinogens, polymers and carboxyls.

In food and beverages, PG and VG are used as a preservative agent, helping to keep food from freezing. In vapes, PG and VG are used to simulate the sensory experience of smoking a cigarette. When you roll a smoke and light it up, you get that nice “first hit” at the back of your throat. This is missing when you vape, so many vape companies will add PG to create a similar effect. Of course, this completely goes against the idea of vaping as a non-carcinogenic alternative to cigarettes.

The good news: Most CBD vapes do not contain PG or VG. But, many companies that have jumped on the cannabis bandwagon have essentially just swapped nicotine out for CBD juice or oil, otherwise using the same recipe. So you’ll want to do your research when buying a new brand of vape.

Other Hazards

Chemical additives are the big concern when it comes to seeking out the healthiest vape, but there are some other things to consider. Actually, they’re the same things that you consider when shopping for your groceries. If you’re looking for the healthiest tomato or head of cabbage, you’re probably seeking out an all-organic, sustainable produce-seller. A company that raises their food in natural fertilizer without relying on dangerous chemical insecticides. Well, same goes for cannabis.

Lowell Farms’ new Cannabis Cafe is all about approaching marijuana with the same attitude as you would expect a restaurant to approach organic produce. Here you can find a wide range of organic, sustainable cannabis products, including solventless live rosin sauce vapes. These use a cold-press process to extract not only the THC and CBD from the plant, but the terpenes, too, that is, the part of the plant that gives it its scent and flavor. While you’re there, grab a bite to eat. This isn’t just a dispensary, it’s the first legal cannabis cafe and restaurant in the US, with an innovative menu by Andrea Drummer, as seen in the Netflix series Cooking on High.

Vaping can be unhealthy, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing about vaping cartridges or pens that is inherently bad for you. The risk is largely in the additives, and in how the ingredients are sourced. If you are avoiding dangerous chemical additives and seeking out CBD sourced from a natural, organic farm, then there’s no real reason to be concerned. As we step into a new era of cannabis culture, Lowell Farms aims to create healthy, safe and pleasurable products with a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to farming the ingredients.

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