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Medicinal uses of marijuana are quickly picking pace despite powerful forces that are against the use of weed. This quick progress has been achieved due to unending support from the scientific research teams.  The continuous flow of these scientific evidence has already convinced legislatures from various states in the United States on the importance of medicinal marijuana. International communities are also welcoming these moves with some nations already legalizing the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana.

A recent study has however shown that most people don’t know the difference between Hemp and CBD oil. This has been made worse by unclear references and terminology mixed up by manufacturers and sellers leaving buyers confused than ever. This situation begs the question what the difference between Hemp and CBD is?

The only similarity between Hemp and CBD oil is that they are both medicinal.  Despite this one similarity they, however, have a lot of differences between them. According to researchers, CBD has very many medicinal uses compared to Hemp oil treating a more extensive range of diseases.  Hemp is mostly used as a food supplement containing ample nutrients and less medicinal purposes. If you are not sure what to begin with, head over to and you will certainly find a product that will work for you.

Difference in extraction process

Hemp oil and CBD oil are extracted from the same plant but different parts. CBD is extracted from the flowers of marijuana using different techniques. The first way of extracting CBD is through the CO2 method. This method is cost ineffective but produces the best CBD oil since it does not require the use of solvents. Another method of CBD oil extraction is through the Alcohol process, and this process uses a high-proof solution to extract cannabinoid from the plant. This process can, however, destroy other essential plant molecules hence not the most efficient.

Hemp oil is obtained by extracting marijuana seed oil from the seeds. This oil has no known medicinal uses but is rich in nutrients. The main method of pressing the oil out the seeds is through cold pressing which extracts the oil from the seeds without exposing it to extreme temperatures.

Differences in the chemical composition

Although Hemp and marijuana are from the same species of plants, Cannabis Sativa can be bred to produce a variety of cannabinoids. This results in different unique traits with different uses. Some traits of marijuana have a very high THC level, which is a compound of marijuana which makes its users high. THC has led to the illegalization of marijuana in many countries.

Hemp, on the other hand, does not make its users high even if consumed in high quantities. This is because hemp has a low level of THC compared to marijuana its cousin. The lack of THC in hemp has made it be termed user-friendly hence legalized in many countries. It is mainly used in industries in the production of food, fuel, paper, and fiber. Hemp growers and breeders have always sought the variety with the lowest THC levels to avoid crossing lines with the authorities.

Hemp oil does not contain any medicinal values like the CBD oil. However, its ingredients, give important dietary and nutritional supplements. Hemp seeds are said to contain the omega 3 and the omega 6 fatty acids with more than 30% of fat.

Nutritional Importance of Hemp seed oil

According to researchers, hemp seed oil is said to have more than 6 milligrams of vitamin E in every 100 grams of hemp seeds. Vitamin E regulates the level of cholesterol in the human body, promotes the development of healthy skin as well as hormonal balancing in the body.

Rich source of phosphorous

Phosphorous is a key player when it comes to the health of bones; it ensures robust dental health as well as toxic substance excretion from the body. Hemp seed oil is legendary when it comes to the provision of phosphorous. It contains more than a thousand milligrams for a 100 grams of hemp seed. The levels are phenomenal as it surpasses the recommended phosphoric standards.

Supply of potassium

Potassium is a core mineral in the body. It helps in stress reduction and anxiety by calming the nerves. This ensures healthy functioning of the heart and the kidneys. Hemp seed contains more than 900 milligrams of potassium in 100 grams of seed.

A vital source of vitamin B2 and B1

The B1 vitamin is very vital in ensuring proper functioning of the nervous system. It promotes healthy mouth, skin, eyes, and liver. Every 100 grams of hemp seed contains 1.2 milligrams of B1.  The same level of B2 vitamins is contained in 100 grams of hemp seed. B2 primary purpose, however, is the production of heat by the body. The body requires about 1.7 milligrams of B2 vitamin hence hemp seed plays a major role in its availability. Another way of ingesting CBD is through vaping so if you are a fan, you can find the best CBD Sky Oral Spray.

Production of Magnesium

Magnesium serves many purposes in the human body. This includes prevention of muscle pain, production of energy, reduction of migraines and keeping the heart in a perfect functional condition. The 400 milligram supply of magnesium in every 100 grams of hemp seed is way over the daily body requirements.

Benefits of CBD

Hemp is overshadowed by CBD oil due to CBD’s medicinal uses. These uses are:

Cancer treatment

Cancer is a menace, especially in western countries. It causes intense pain to its victims due to inflammation of the affected parts.  Studies have however revealed that CBD oil contains some anti-cancer agents which heal cancer tumors. It is also a major pain reliever. Celebrities such Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg are among the beneficiaries of these CBD oil treatment.

Treatment of the Brain tumor

CBD oil anti-tumor properties have shown promises as a possible cure for brain tumors.

Epilepsy treatment

A study on 19 children participants who had epilepsy showed that Cannabidiol oil could greatly benefit by getting relief from seizure. It improved their sleep and highly reduced anxiety attacks. 84% of the participants showed positive results.

Pet treatment

CBD has proven to be helpful when it comes to pain relieving in dogs and cats according to most pet owners. It also helps to reduce anxiety in dogs. This has led to manufacturers developing specific CBD for pet treatments which are free from psychoactive agents.

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