Defending Marijuana Clones: Benefits of Using Marijuana Clones

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Marijuana Clones

The idea of cloning on overall has had some positive and negative views over the years. Well, you can expect the same when it comes to marijuana cloning. It is possible to get many people trying marijuana cloning with some managing to reap huge benefits while other failing terribly. As a result, there is always the mixed review about marijuana cloning.

You might be interested in doing a bit of marijuana cloning, but you are not sure where to start or if it is all worth it. We get to see some of the best benefits of marijuana cloning so as to give you motivation to try it out. For strains such as skunk #1 clones can have a more productive harvest.

Cloning helps with preserving the unique genetics

The best part about cloning is that you end up with a marijuana female plant that tastes, stones, yields, and even looks better that many other marijuana plants you might have used before.

You simply have to make sure that you follow the instructions from an expert or tutorials to get it right. No one wants to end up with a failing clone.

It is also possible to do a partial harvesting so that you can regrow the same plant. This means you still get to enjoy the same clone characteristics.

Cloning will save you time

Whenever you are sure about the different phenotypic plants, then you can consider using them as clones.

The clones are often taken from the late grow phase or even the permanent motherplants. In most cases, you will find that the clone is at a point when it needs 12-12 lighting. This means that there are several stages you will not have to worry about.

Generally, the clone will help you appreciate having a faster harvest time as compared to your older plants. In the end, you end up being able to save on time. It is common to find more people using clones are they can get up to 3 harvests in a year.

Closing is good for SOG and SCROG

Whenever you get to use marijuana cloning, you end up with female plants that will be ready to flip further into the flowering stage the moment the root system is able to handle it.

As a result of this feature, you get that the sea of green (SOG) type of method can come in handy. This is where it helps with bud development. This should help in setting up of the clones faster.

Another option is the use of the screen of green or SCROG garden. This is there the screen trellis are able to provide for the horizontal support for the shorter plants. You can also be sure that it will be good for bud development.

The use of the SOG and SCROG methods will definitely help with maximizing the square footage, the overall light output and also the horizontal space. Well, you should also find them being good for growing in small spaces with limited height options.

Cloning opens up more business opportunities

Another reason you might get more people going for cloning of marijuana is because of the booming business. It is all about making sure that you can offer your clients the best in terms of marijuana clones and sensi cannabis seeds.

There are many people online right now with many positive reviews about using marijuana clones. Others explain how the business of marijuana clones has been good. As a result, it is going to be a nice option to get one for yourself today.

Well, you might as well as try because the good clones are always fetching a lot of money. You can be sure that more people are going to get it for themselves if they find that it is something that gives them the best investment opportunity.

Cloning can help in cases of emergencies

In this case, emergencies we mean those scenarios where you have to pack and go without having the chance to save your adult marijuana plants. This can be natural disasters such as fire, flooding, or hurricane. Or when the electricity and water supply gets cut off and you have no power backup.

In such cases, all you have to do is get to put the clones in a humidity tray and carry them to where you have to move. The clones might have a bit of difficult to adjust, but they still always end up growing.

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