My story of cbd begins a few years ago before many people even knew about it, i had decided to make the oil myself as it was very expensive then and I couldn’t afford it.

I did this as I was despirate to find a cure for the pain from my fibromyalgia and arthritis. Everything went well and the cbd really helped. I ordered more industrial hemp to make the oil with and the hemp did not turn up. I emailed the seller and they agreed to resend half of the order which I received.. A month or so down the line I had a letter from uk customs stating that they had seized 1009 grams of cannabis. Of course I thought obviously they have made a mistake and they just didn’t have a clue about industrial hemp and perhaps sniffer dogs had just picked up the scent thinking it was high thc cannabis, I spoke to my parents solicitor anyway to confirm the course of action and he said not to worry about it and to reply to the letter disputing this asking for the hemp back. I now know this was terrible advice as this was sort of taking ownership of the package. A few months later the police where trying to get in contact with me  I couldn’t think what it was about and they obviously tried to make me think it was nothing to do with the hemp and I had Long forgotten about the hemp and moved on to another supplier. When I arranged to meet them at the house they had a search warrent so they searched my house which stressed me out and made me feel violated. They then arrested me and i eventually was told what it was all about. I went to the station had my DNA and fingerprints taken which are now on “the system” for the rest of eternity ( I had never been in trouble with the police before) they locked me in a cell for around 5 hours without water or a blanket I was incredibly panicked and scared. After a long 5 hours they released me on bail and I was given a court date.

The following day I came back to the station and handed them the printed ebay and PayPal receipt from buying the hemp. This didn’t seem to do any good.

When the time to go to court came it was a very slow back and forth. Apparently you need to have a license to possess the plant material and from at least one source I have read that you only need a license to grow it. Anyway the point is the law is a massive grey area and I don’t think its really changed since then. But somehow it’s OK to sell a prepared product but not have the plant in its natural form. Shows you how backward the law Can be. Anyway months of this back and. Forward to court and wasting of tax payers money went on and on and then one of the days a constable who had come forward saying he was in charge of the case( I had never seen him before) said that it was cannabis worth 20000 pounds and he wanted it to be taken to crown court. This prompted me to have a nervous breakdown. I was in visioning going to prison all for trying to make my own harmless medicine where the NHS had failed me. Following this announcement the barrister decided to get a drugs expert from England to come and test the hemp and also say without doubt that it was industrial hemp.

What I didn’t know what that they had already tested it and the procecution knew it was industrial hemp and they tried to prosecute me for attempt to possess import and supply cannabis despite this. Anyway with the thc test results now out in the open they had no Choice but to back down. They offered me a caution which I was advised to take because I was told that was the best I would get. Why I still don’t know. But the end of it was welcomed. Although the caution still has consequences unfortunately which make it harder to out behind me. That’s my story

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