Hello everyone. I would like to win the CBD. Long story short I am living in chronic pain. I can not take any medication for my pain. I found out about CBD after Oregon passed the Law to make it legal. I had not ever smoked or taken any drugs. I was taking 800-3000mg of advil and it has destroyed my body. I could not take anything for relief of my pain for 3 years and lost my job and not able to play with my 4 children. But I now have found relief in CBD. Got a gread job was able to play and keep up most day with my kids. Now I am laid off  so Without a job now I am not able to buy my CBD oil or flower. I am back to square one. I am in so much pain now and can only walk a little and most days I can not stand. So thats why I would love to win the CBD So I can have my life back. Thanks and god bless you all.

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