Chronic back pain and pot

I had a car accident some few years ago. It left me incapacitated to the extent that I quit my job. However, the chronic pain that was born out of the accident was one thing that I wished to ease off. Every day, I was taking 7 different pills (painkillers) that had a lot of side effects.

For a long period of time, my bowels stopped functioning as they are supposed to. This only translated to one thing: more taking of pills. Sad!

I started trying cannabis as a form of treatment. Amazingly, I saw my use of pills drop by half over that period. Now, 12 months later, I am done with pills and I only use cannabis to remedy my condition. The pain and all the side effects are also gone.

I am now strong supporter and advocate for legalizing weed so that other people can freely get help.

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