Last night at my son’s Lacrosse team banquet, I slipped in some water and fell. Like @$$ over teacups, Benny-Hill type slip & fall on my hiney. Luckily my Keto diet hasn’t totally rid my backside of all the padding. (insert generous amounts of sarcasm.)

A few hours later I REALLY started to feel the fall. Neck – Headache – sore where I fell – sore down my right hamstring.

What do I do? Of course – CBD to the rescue! It helped my headache so I could sleep. Helped the pain in my heck (not husband induced) so I could sleep.

This morning I’m still a bit sore – mostly in my right side – but SO much better. Gonna take it easy (as I had total hip replacement on my right side in July) but I’m SO thankful for this natural product that helps reduce pain and inflammation (which causes the pain).


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