CBD products need to be recognized by healthcare insurances

I have degenerative disk disease that began in 2008 while my Daughter was serving Oconus and I had the care of my Granddaughters who were 2 and 4 years of age. The military would not bring their mother home and I was forced to provide care with 3 herniated disks. I finally secured Medicaid and Medication Management making life somewhat bereable. Upon her return I lost my abillity to care for the children I had cared for since their births and was sent back to our home of record. As my condition continued to deterriorate my use of narcotics increased. I now have 8 herniated disks with severe spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis of the spine. The back injections did not produce results. We then tried RFA which made matters even worse. Next was spinal stimulation that went arey. I received a free trial offer of 100mg CBD oil which helped IF I took a whole dropper full. I have received many calls promoting CBD products, but as I have told the person on the phone, I just cannot afford it. I have difficulty trying to survive on an income of $733 monthly. After I pay my rent I pretty much am left with gas money and enough for personal items. With the narcotic problem doctors are cutting back medications and the alternative is CBD products IF you can afford them. I think it’s time for healthcare providers to join the new millenium and cover the costs of CBD  products, so that people such as myself are able to have pain relief that is natural and non invasive to our organs as well. Those who cannot afford CBD  products should not be abandoned in their hour of need all because they just can’t afford the relief they provide.

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