CBD oil tinctures Vs. Capsules

By July 10, 2018CBD
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With all the CBD supplements on the market nowadays, how is one supposed to identify which type provides the best effects? That is why we have decided to come up with this post, to explore two of the most popular delivery methods for CBD – CBD Capsules and CBD Tinctures …

CBD tinctures are one the most preferred types of CBD oil products. Tinctures are made by blending CBD oil with a solution or liquid (say alcohol), making it convenient and easy to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis extract without the distasteful oil aftertaste.

On the other hand, CBD capsules, also commonly known as CBD pills, are tiny cylindrical-shaped tablets, which contain CBD oil. They are known to provide the natural therapeutic benefits of CBD oil but in pill form. You can find both CBD capsules and tinctures at soothe™.

CBD Tinctures

There is a reason why tinctures are one of the most preferred methods of consuming CBD.

For beginners, tinctures offer an affordable and approachable way to get introduced to the natural benefits of CBD.

For more advanced CBD consumers, tinctures provide a level of versatility, reliability, and portability that aligns with active lifestyles.

Why should you consider using CBD tinctures?

  1. Under the tongue

Pressed for time or wish to take your CBD as fast as possible? Drop some tincture under your tongue and let it remain there for half a minute or so as you go about with your work.  This sublingual method of consumption allows the CBD and other compounds in the tincture to diffuse via your mouth tissues and reach your bloodstream. Basically, by bypassing the digestive system, the CBD reach your bloodstream quickly where it gets to interact with receptors (CB1 and CB2) in your endocannabinoid system.

  1. Blended into foods and drinks

Some opt to put their CBD tincture in their beverages and foods. For instance, you can mix the tincture with fresh greens, frozen berries, and your favorite nut-based milk for a healthy CBD infused smoothie to begin your day.

Once you take food infused with food, the CBD compounds will make their way via the digestive system and ultimately be metabolized by the liver and passed on to your bloodstream.

  1. Sweetened flavors

CBD tinctures are usually sweetened with natural flavors for a more pleasurable CBD supplementing experience.

  1. Portability

CBD tinctures come in convenient small bottles for the purposes of portability. Bring your tincture along with you everywhere – to the office, backpacking trip or even to the gym.

  1. Easy dosing

CBD tinctures are administered via a dropper, thus you can easily gauge your intake levels.

  1. Affordability

Compared to other CBD supplements, full spectrum tinctures are more affordable options. Basically, they are a popular choice for those people on a tight budget but who still wish to capitalize on the remedial benefits of CBD.

CBD capsules

There are various benefits of using CBD capsules as your daily supplements. CBD capsules easily blend in with your already existing vitamin and supplement routine and are just the right enhancement for those people who are always on the move or who are always short on time.

With CBD capsules, you do not have to be bothered about figuring out your appropriate dosage every day. Additionally, a few seconds are enough to gulp down a capsule and start enjoying the CBD experience.

CBD capsules are shelf-stable and arrive in a nice bottle which is easy to carry wherever you want. You can store the bottle of CBD capsules at your medicine cabinet, locker at the gym, or even in your desk drawer at work.

Moreover, CBD capsules are allowed in the US, hence you can use them without any fear of being questioned. Just slip them in your checked luggage or carry-on and you will be good to go.

CBD capsules are also a great choice among people who wish to avoid hemp’s “grassy” flavor.

Which of these two methods is good for you?

This is a question which you will have to answer for yourself especially now you have read the above information. The truth is that there is no superior method to the other; every person will find an aspect that suits them. However, many people will base their CBD consumption preference on effectiveness, convenience, among other things.

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