Hello. I’m swedish and I’ve thought CBD was illegal here but it isn’t , more about that further down. I’ve watched like every Joe Rogan podcast and wanted marijuana to be legal here so bad. And I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on research. But then I found out that CBD is legal here and a few days ago I went to a seminar/lecture and bought CBD oil. I would appreciate if you read thia and share this and I will try and answer any comment.

Here’s a story how CBD is handled in Sweden:

In Sweden the propaganda is unreal. A lot of people started using CBD-oil with great results against all kind of diseases, it’s legal if it contains maximum 0.2% THC, I think in all of Europe.

Anyway, this got the governments attention that it was helping people. So what happend? They try and forbid it even if it’s legal by the European Union (aka. EU) rules!! They made it “medicine classified” (pardon my English , it’s not 100%) so you can only get one medicine (Sativex) prescribed, what does it cost? Around 500$ PER MONTH! And in Sweden we have almost free health care and the more medicines you buy the less it cost. BUT Sativex does NOT include in that so you have to pay 4900 swedish crowns (arond 500 US$) It’s crazy. I met a women with scelett cancer and it’s the only thing that’s helping her so she has to live poorly and the doctor refused to subscribe it at first but she screamed and cry and got it because IT IS LEGAL and the doctor is instructed to not subscribe it even tough that’s wrong because all CBD are legal under EU-rules and Sativex (contains more thc than 0,2% so it has to be classified) is legal.

But you can’t get CBD-oil on prescription even tough it is legal. But if you produce CBD-oil and don’t sell it as a medicine and instead call it “Agriculture” (if that’s the correct term in English?) the government can’t do anything about it. The police did a razzia and took away millions worth of products from 4 swedish company ,but it went to court and they got it back, because once again: it is legal by EU-rules. As of right now I can buy CBD oil in certain stores that sells it as “not medicine” and they even don’t write “CBD” on the package anymore because they are afraid of the goverment. Now the government and police is going after it anyway even if it’s 100% legal so they would be breaking the law and the rules of EU if they take anything, but they don’t care.

The propaganda over the years in Sweden has been so stupid. They compare hemp with heroine in school and doctors say the same. Meanwhile they prescribe oxycontin, fentanyl etc fairly easilly….But with help of the internet the general population are waking up.

I suffer from anxiety and been given lots of benzodiazepines. I’ve been taking CBD for 3 days now. It’s already helping better than benso…

What is the reason behind all this? Joe Rogan is talking about that machine that produced hemp quickly made the paper industry forbid hemp in 1937. I’ve went to a lecture where the teacher who is a former cancer researcher turned around and became interested in cannabis/hemp and other alternative medicine said the same thing. It’s the damn money. A company from Great Britain tried to sell legal CBD in Sweden,that’s when the pharmaceutical companies became “interested” CBD is once again: legal in EU so in almost all the other EU-countries you can buy CBD oil without a prescription in a regular health store but here it is much more complicated…

They have been brainwashing people since like the 50s or something that cannabis=marijuana are a deadly drug. And that hemp (in swedish: Hampa) is only like for ropes for boats. But Hemp and cannabis are the same thing! Cannabis sativa is the Latin name for Cannabis. It’s been the same since my parents went to school, but I’ve kind of turned them around because I have read so much research so I can back it up. It was the same when I went to school,now with the internet the teenage Swedes are more informed and a lot of them know that the teacher are wrong and are lying. And it’s even worse with the doctors and the education they get about the subject…

It’s all about money. I can write so much more stuff if you wanna read. I know a lot more about how CBD is handled in Sweden. But I’m tired of writing now.

To the rest of the world: Please help us!

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