In 2014 october i was did a difficult surgery of craneofaringiom (brain tumor). Since that time i have proved all the doctors legal drugs (benzodiacpines, hipnotics,ect) he prescribe me.

Didn´t worked for me any of them the only thing that it makes me feel worst and made me be as a drugaddict person. Few weeks ago i have tested melatonin, and it worked a little, cos in spain the healthy minister only allows the amount of 1.98 active principe . The facultative told me in usa more than that ridiculous amount is allowed . I told to Phd I cant afford to take 2 or 3 pills to sleep (every box contains 12 pills and costs 18.95 euros)

Suddenly a frien of mine took some Sensi cbd pills and that DID WORKS FOR ME, i was about 4 years without conciliate sleep. The problen is the price of the package (60 buks/28 pills)

I don,t know if this strong cbd (with the supposed increase of active principe) works better.

Wich is the best form, and fastest asimiliation of cbd, pills, drops, vaporized

I,m really hesiteted about this, i need to conciliate sleepness. Without rest is very hard to maintein you living.

Best regards, and hope you answer.


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