Cannabis Treatment For Our Animal Companions

Hudson is Michael Fasman’s pet dog. Se is twelve years of age. She’s playful and caring like any other dog, but something sets her apart. Hudson has an amputated toe and arthritis, which makes her limp painfully.


Painkillers would be a big help, but Michael does not want to give Hudson any because they make her pass out. So what can he do to ease his bestfriend’s pain?


The answer lies in marijuana. Weed has always been known as a great alternate treatment that can be used therapeutically for diseases and pain. This healing herb has become an average part of Hudson’s day. All it takes is some yogurt and a few droplets of weed extract, and Hudson is feeling much better.


It has not only relieved Hudson’s pain, but has made her much more joyous and spirited, just like before when she wasn’t ill.


Cannabis has been legalized for human beings in more and more states due to its medical and recreational uses. So what about our furry friends?

They too get sick from diseases and disorders like cancer, seizures, anxiety and arthritis, meaning they can also benefit from weed edibles, ointments, and extracts that are used as treatments..


There are now products targeted for our pets. Though currently these products might not be regulated, they have the ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), which is a known non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can be heal without the high.


Vets think otherwise, though. There aren’t a lot of research studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of using weed on pets. Animal doctors insist that before we treat our animals, more clinical data is needed. Cannabis is federally illegal, despite its legalization in over twenty eight states, which makes conducting medical studies on the herb’s medicinal purposes a bit more difficult.


Our pets cannot be prescribed weed. Vets can’t even recommend it as a treatment! If they do, they’ll get barred from practicing their profession. So even if they support medical marijuana, they can’t discuss it with even their consenting clients lest the vets lose their job.


Pet owners usually end up medicating their pets themselves without much guidance, and must accept any risks that could occur like unwanted effects or no signs of improving. Despite this, the owners have witnessed themselves how weed has made quite a positive change in the health and wellness of their pets.

Animal sanctuaries and pet adoption centers run by people like Lynne Tingle are the place to go if you need medical marijuana for your pet. Their organizations apply topical ointments and give weed edibles to pets who have issues with behavior and health on a regular basis.


Lynne has personally witnessed how the medication takes away their pain and ailments unlike any other medicine.


TreatWell Health is a company that manufactures pet-aimed weed products even if it isn’t legal yet. They’re based in San Francisco and they have marijuana extracts that can be used as a food additive, or given directly to pets. They offer varying formulas depending on what your animal is sick with.


These extracts are often used to treat elderly pets. They are also used for glaucoma, cancer, liver ailments, kidney problems, seizures, inflammation, pain, lack of appetite and anxiety. Sometimes your regular pharmacy medication just isn’t working, and weed is here to save the day.


So if you’ve got a pet that’s suffering from something and you prefer not to or can not give them average medicine that can be bought at a regular pharmacy, you can opt to use cannabis tinctures. If you’re in a state that has legalized marijuana, you’re one of the lucky people that can even get a medical marijuana ID so you can purchase it legally.


We all love our pets and we’d do anything to give them the best possible life we can. And if that means giving them weed, why not?


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