5 reasons to use CBD cartridges

By November 28, 2019CBD

CBD cartridges come prefilled with an e-liquid consisting of a hemp-based CBD extract and a carrier oil some kind. Vaping is a popular way of consuming CBD, as it’s typically flavorful and some convenient, but most importantly, an efficient method of delivery. Cartridges are attached to vape batteries, invariably nowadays through the 510-threaded system.

Vapers can purchase pre-filled cartridges, as well as empty, refillable cartridges, which is useful if wanting to mix e-liquids together. Here are five reasons to use CBD cartridges.

For anxiety

CBD’s benefits for anxiety are clearer than for most conditions at present, with studies showing the compound is effective in real-world scenarios and produces pharmacological reactions conducive to alleviating anxiety.

Vaping cartridges is an efficient approach to combating anxiety. Vape pens are stealthy and discreet and can deliver large doses – as appears necessary or anxiety – in just seconds. The fast relief is vital for bringing anxiety attacks under control, so to maintain a good quality of life.

For pain relief

CBD is an intriguing new treatment for pain and is certainly much-needed given the serious problems America and other countries are having with opioid painkillers. CBD is non-psychoactive and non-addictive, although researchers are yet to officially confirm that the compound can reduce pain.

However, millions of CBD users argue otherwise, as demonstrated by surveys that consistently list pain as the top reason for using CBD. The rapid relief from CBD cartridges is well-suited to relieving acute, neuropathic pain symptoms.

For stress relief and relaxation

Everyone seems to be leading busier lives than ever before, and it’s important to take some time now and then to simply relax and recharge the batteries. If you struggle to chill out and destress, then CBD cartridges can give you a safe, helping hand. CBD won’t get you hooked or cause any adverse effects, as may occur with alcohol or psychoactive marijuana.

Research points toward CBD reducing blood cortisol levels, and large doses are known to have sedative effects. CBD vape cartridges with indica terpenes provide that pleasant ‘couchlock’ effect and body buzz, putting mind and body at total ease.

For mood-boosting effects

Vaping CBD delivers an on-demand mood boost, likely through the regulation of anandamide, an endocannabinoid and neurotransmitter that is key for a well-balanced endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS controls many variables, mood being one.

Some research suggests that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects in the brain, which may help treat long-term depressive symptoms, although more studies are required. Vaping a sativa-dominant CBD cartridge with cerebral and energizing effects might be more beneficial than vaping regular CBD.

For immune system benefits

Inflammation and dysfunctional immune system is at the root of many physical illnesses, and perhaps some psychological conditions, too. The immune system is notoriously volatile, and while some inflammation is critical, acting as a protective force against external threats, with too much, the body just starts attacking itself.

CBD, secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects, hence why full-spectrum CBD cartridges are so therapeutic.


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